Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Devil

Barbara Suckfüll, (1857-unknown)  

All Suckfüll’s drawings, which have an aerial perspective, depict the domestic objects that were brought to her cell. There is no three dimensional space and each flattened object is outlined with a succession of 2s, crosses or pinpricks which form chains in an attempt to establish boundaries. (Dissolving of the ego in psychosis leads to the inability to determine where the subject ends and the Other begins.) Suckfüll, it appears does not have the co-ordinates with which to understand the physical world. As there is no fixed view point she found it necessary to turn the paper as she worked. With both the object and the name placed on the paper via the gesture she attempts to stop meaning from sliding off.In an attempt to build herself a structure each word is pinned down with a full-stop. Here the nurse or ‘Red Devil’ brings in a washbasin:


From Art and Psychosis by Miranda Argyle

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