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Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXVIII, John Stezaker, 2007

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Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) LXI
, John Stezaker, 2010

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Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) X, John Stezaker, 2006

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He (Film Portrait Collage) IV, John Stezaker, 2008

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Untitled (Film Still Collage) XXVIII, John Stezaker, 2009

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Double Exposure: Peter and Lee Workum on Lawn

Double Exposure: Peter and Lee Workum on Lawn, Bedford Village, New York, Walker Evans, 1939-1940

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cut Fragment: Exposure Error

Cut Fragment: Exposure Error (Descriptive Title), Walker Evans, January 13-21, 1941

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The Anton–Babinski syndrome

Anton–Babinski syndrome is a rare symptom of brain damage occurring in the occipital lobe. People who suffer from it are cortically blind, but affirm, often quite adamantly and in the face of clear evidence of their blindness, that they are capable of seeing. It is mostly seen following a stroke, but may also be seen after head injury.

It may be some days before the relatives, or the nursing staff, stumble onto the fact that the patient has actually become sightless. This is not only because the patient ordinarily does not volunteer the information that he has become blind, but he furthermore misleads his entourage by behaving and talking as though he were sighted. Attention is aroused however when the patient is found to collide with pieces of furniture, to fall over objects, and to experience difficulty in finding his way around. He may try to walk through a wall or through a closed door on his way from one room to another. Suspicion is still further alerted when he begins to describe people and objects around him which, as a matter of fact, are not there at all. 

 Macdonald Critchley, neurologist

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Redeemer of the World

August Natterer, was born in 1868 in Schornreute, near Ravensburg, Germany, the son of a clerk and the youngest of nine children. Natterer studied engineering, got married, traveled widely, and had a successful career as an electrician but was suddenly stricken with delusions and anxiety attacks. On April 1, 1907 he had a pivotal hallucination of the Last Judgment during which "10,000 images flashed by in half an hour." He described it as follows:

I saw a white spot in the clouds absolutely close – all the clouds paused – then the white spot departed and stood all the time like a board in the sky. On the same board or screen or stage now images as quick as a flash followed each other, about 10,000 in half an hour… God himself occurred, the witch, who created the world – in between worldly visions: images of war, continents, memorials, castles, beautiful castles, just the glory of the world – but all of this to see in supernal images. They were at least twenty meters big, clear to observe, almost without color like photographs… The images were epiphanies of the Last Judgment. Christ couldn't fulfill the salvation because he was crucified early... God revealed them to me to accomplish the salvation.

This ordeal led to a suicide attempt and committal to the first of what would be several mental asylums occupied during the remaining twenty-six years of his life. Natterer thereafter maintained that he was the illegitimate child of Emperor Napoleon I and "Redeemer of the World." The vision had inspired an intense production of drawings, all documenting images and ideas seen in the vision. He died in 1933 in an asylum near Rottweil.

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Weltachse mit Haase

World Axis with Hare, August Natterer, c. 1911/17, Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg

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Galleon on Water

Untitled (Galleon on Water), Martín Ramírez, c. 1960-63.

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Interior with Fireplace

Line Drawing of Interior with Fireplace, Walker Evans, November 18, 1946

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Dresser on Wood Floor

Line Drawing of Dresser on Wood Floor, Walker Evans, ca. 1946

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Office of Curator

Steel herbarium cases and office of curator. Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, 1905

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Verify If Alligator and Giant Crab Are Present Also

Leatherback turtle, model of specimen on display at Field Columbian Museum between exhibit cases. Might be Alcove 25, sections 91 and 92 Loggerhead and Carey turtles. Verify if Alligator and Giant Crab are present also. Chicago, 1908.

Skeleton of a Turtle on Display

Skeleton of a turtle on display at Field Columbian Museum between exhibit cases. Chicago, 1908.

The Elephants and the Security Guard

African Elephant Group (Loxodonta africana, Proboscidea Elephantidae) and security guard. Taxidermy by Carl Akeley. Background shows the columns that have been draped with large white sheets. White plaster miniature sculpture models of 2 figures and horses from Agriculture Building of World's Columbian Exposition. Columbian Rotunda of Field Columbian Museum, Jackson Park, Chicago, 1909